Flight Final "A Comparison to Death" -spoken word_ vinyl released in 1965. press play unmute sound

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

click the link to see this woman of God in action. Giving thanks & praise for being awakened from her sleep to intervene for her son Jason
Bishop Saunders &1ST Lady Alberta Saunders_purposed visionary responsible for creating a theatrical version of "Flight Final"

Watch her powerful testimony,of being awaken from her sleep to intercede on behalf of her youngest son, Jason life, during an armed robbery.

Definition of intercession. 1 : the act of interceding. 2 : prayer, petition, or entreaty in favor of another.

Now I have been purposed a vision '.Final Flight Cancelled?' What if there was no 'chance for Redemption?

n Christian theology, Jesus is sometimes referred to as a Redeemer. This refers to the salvation he is believed to have accomplished, and is based on the metaphor of redemption, or "buying back". ... In the New Testament the redemption word group is used to refer both to deliverance from sin and freedom from captivity.

All outgoing flights have been cancelled, there is no one at the gate of death to receive our tickets.

What if we had to live forever? or is there another way out?

(A Portal, they say, we all must enter,, but what's on the other side? where will we come out?)

'Garden Of Eden',, Noahs Ark?, Red Sea? Daniels Den? Davids Battle or if your lucky 'Pearly Gates"

This project is purposed for a variety of venues. Performing Arts, Theatrical Movie,, Bet/Netflix/Cable series,,

Gaming (Stadia) & Virtual Reality (Oculus Quest), Novel, Comic, Anime & beyond.

With the final goal of becoming its own stand_alone attraction_,'Final Flight_ A Spiritual Destiny, which will be consistently updated with lore from the Bible, humor & current events

Would love to pitch to the following studios & beyond for production & development


check out Stadia Gaming, in talks to have this developed on their platform

check out Oculus Quest, also in development discussion for this platform. if you have never experienced VR.

.prepare 2 b blown away

If you feel inspired to contribute directly or from afar, please leave your contact info @ maknhitz.com

writers, directors, game developers, musician /singers/songwriters for soundtrack, marketing or any other creative talent or ideas, you bring

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