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Team Members



musician/ songwriter/ producer @ Fiverr


Musician and Produce


Mixed and isolated HQ tracks, including: Drums (mixed) Bass 2 Guitars 2 Keys or sound effects

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What is a luxury rose?
Luxury Roses are also called AAA quality roses and are famous for being spectacular. But how can you recognize Luxury Rose? sekinahbrodie@fiverr

American rapper/songwriter hailing from Pennsauken, New Jersey

She specializes in lyrical hip hop, melodic dark trap with r&b elements, and conscious hip hop. Her style is versatile, fun, vulnerable, and catchy!


Guitar Player and Session Musician from Colombia

I have a Youtube Channel (Aristi) in where you can find my covers of different kind of music.

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Content Manager

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I’m a Professional Vocalist, songwriter

I am a full time singer, so I have all the time to dedicate to your project. I specialize in delivering topnotch Gospel, Rnb, Pop, Edm, Afrobeat, and soul music.

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